Over the years, people have asked that I help with an article they’re writing, or appear on their podcast, or even write an entire article for them. This is a collection of media appearing elsewhere that I’ve either written for others, or have assisted with creating in some way.


13 Houses of Worship Near Rochester, NY
on RochesterSubway [June 24, 2013]


The Little Free Libraries of Rochester, NY
on RochesterSubway [August 14, 2013]


The Northeast Regional Beard and Moustache Championships
on RochesterSubway [August 21, 2013]


Grave of Francis Tumblety
on RochesterSubway [September 11, 2013]


Ehrmentraut Farm Bridge in the Town of Riga, NY
on RochesterSubway [September 18, 2013]


Mobbed in Buffalo En Masse
on Broadway Fillmore Alive [March 25, 2014]


A Tour of Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass in Rochester, NY
on Mckay’s Photography [April 30. 2014]


Lady In Granite Penn Yan, NY
on Home In The Finger Lakes [May 31, 2014]


Abandoned Girl Scout Camp Beech-Wood
on RochesterSubway [July 21, 2014]


The 11 Most Unique Looking Religious Structures
on Buzzfeed [August 11, 2014]


The Lady In Granite
(short film documentary) on YouTube [December 1, 2014]


‘Chili con Coffee’ Crockpot Recipe
on Mindfully Frugal Mom [December 30, 2014]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 16 – Exploring Upstate
on Food About Town [January 12, 2015]


Episode 6: Rochester
on Look Like A Local Podcast [May 16, 2015]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 25 – Condiments
on Food About Town [July 10, 2015]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 32 – Flour City Controversy
on Food About Town [October 5, 2015]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 38 – Slow Road and Exploring Upstate
on Food About Town [December 21, 2015]


Fifth Frame Brewing: A Coffee Revolution in Rochester, NY
on Sprudge [October 16, 2016]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 65 – Utica Trip Part Deux
on Food About Town [February 20, 2017]


The Coffee Shop You Probably Haven’t Visited
on Boomtown Table [February 24, 2017]


(Coffee) Shop Talk
on Boomtown Table [March 29, 2017]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 71 – Chris Clemens
on Food About Town [May 22, 2017]


Garbage Plates: Rochester’s Best-Kept Secret
on Food/Groups Empire Plate of Mind [October 17, 2017]


Turkish Delight
on Boomtown Tables [December 18, 2017]


History of the Coffee Mugs
on Quality Logo Products [June 2018]


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 112 – Chris Clemens
on Food About Town [August 10, 2018]


Connections: Summer of Food – Where to grab a bite off the NYS Thruway
on WXXI Rochester [August 16, 2018]
*also featuring Arian Horbovetz of The Urban Phoenix


Top 34 Best Road Trip Books: Highest Rated Travel-Related Books
on Auto Accessories Garage [November 27, 2018]


Wednesday Night Ramen
on Life In The Finger Lakes [November 29, 2018]