Other Work

For years, this website has been an outlet to share stories of discovering Upstate New York. But, of course, Exploring Upstate isn’t the only online publication to talk about how great our region is. Overtime, Chris Clemens, creator of this website, has done freelance work for other publications. Some of these were submissions for fun, and some were for hire.

The following list is a collection of links to articles or stories about Upstate that were written for other outlets by Exploring Upstate creator Chris Clemens.


13 Houses of Worship Near Rochester, NY
on RochesterSubway [June 24, 2013]

The Little Free Libraries of Rochester, NY
on RochesterSubway [August 14, 2013]

The Northeast Regional Beard and Moustache Championships
on RochesterSubway [August 21, 2013]

Grave of Francis Tumblety
on RochesterSubway [September 11, 2013]

Ehrmentraut Farm Bridge in the Town of Riga, NY
on RochesterSubway [September 18, 2013]


Mobbed in Buffalo En Masse
on Broadway Fillmore Alive [March 25, 2014]

A Tour of Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass in Rochester, NY
on Mckay’s Photography [April 30. 2014]

Lady In Granite Penn Yan, NY
on Home In The Finger Lakes [May 31, 2014]

Abandoned Girl Scout Camp Beech-Wood
on RochesterSubway [July 21, 2014]

The 11 Most Unique Looking Religious Structures
on Buzzfeed [August 11, 2014]

‘Chili con Coffee’ Crockpot Recipe
on Mindfully Frugal Mom [December 30, 2014]


Fifth Frame Brewing: A Coffee Revolution in Rochester, NY
on Sprudge [October 16, 2016]


The Coffee Shop You Probably Haven’t Visited
on Boomtown Table [February 24, 2017]

(Coffee) Shop Talk
on Boomtown Table [March 29, 2017]

Turkish Delight
on Boomtown Tables [December 18, 2017]


Wednesday Night Ramen
on Life In The Finger Lakes [November 29, 2018]


How Best To Be A Client
on Site Hub [May 2, 2019]

Buffalo Mass Mob Returns to the Old First Ward
on Buffalo Rising [May 24, 2019]

Check Out The Little Free Libraries Of The North Winton Village
on North Winton Village Association website [July 12, 2019]