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First and foremost, the purpose of Exploring Upstate is connect internet users with original content about Upstate New York. To assist with that mission, it is necessary to cover the expenses of doing so.

There are a number of ways that the content on Exploring Upstate generates income to its owner.

Google Ads – You’ll find ads served by Google in a number of places throughout the website. Income is generated both by impressions and clicks. So, even if a user is just looking at the advertisement, income is generated. If a user clicks that advertisement, even more income is earned.

Amazon Affiliate Links – Wherever there is an advertisement or link on Exploring Upstate linking to an Amazon product, it links to an affiliate program. Each time a purchase is made on Amazon through a link on Exploring Upstate, income is generated. There is no additional cost to the user.

Sponsored Content – Occasionally, partners and advertisers will pay to directly sponsor content in a post. When this is done, it will be clearly identified within the post that is it sponsored, and who sponsored it.

Direct Advertisements – Some marketers will purchase advertisement spots directly on Exploring Upstate.