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Exploring The Catskills Region

If you’re looking for a mountain getaway with history, gorgeous scenery, and tranquil backdrops then you’re looking for the Catskills. This section of the Appalachian Mountains holds a special place in the hearts of those who’ve spent time here. In fact, it holds a special place for a lot of American culture.

Folk art inspired Main Streets in Woodstock have been a haven to anyone looking to escape city life for as long as everyone where can remember. The reason that some of America’s greatest musicians have cut their greatest tracks here is because the whole region feels kind of magical.

Small towns with farm-to-table eateries surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests are the backdrop for a perfect getaway. You’ll find plenty of art galleries, small shops and cultural destinations throughout the area.

Since it’s a mountain region, there are ample opportunities to take an outdoor adventure. Once you’ve discovered that American dry-fly fishing was born here, and the Delaware River offers a perfect rafting route, you’ll know why the Catskills are a land of outdoor adventure.

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