Facts About New York State

Over the years, Chris has learned a whole bunch of interesting random facts about New York State. Each Friday, a new tidbit of trivia from the Empire State is posted to the Exploring Upstate feeds on Facebook and Twitter. After each of these facts have been posted on social media, they’re collected and added to this archive.

Are you looking for a collection of facts about the Hudson Valley? Or, how about some new facts about the Finger Lakes Region? Do you want to know something historical about the St. Lawrence River? This archive was designed to deliver all that information.

Each of the facts listed here are written in a way for you to learn something new and fun about New York, but in quick, small doses. You can read one or two and move on, or dive into an entire list and read up on different parts of the state all at once. Each list was designed to be easy to digest, but still filled with fascinating facts. Where possible, all the facts in this archive link to a source for further reading.

To access the archive, scroll down and click the photo of a banner to read the collection of facts pertaining to that region.

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Map Of New York State

Here’s a reference map of how the regions in New York State are divided up on this website. The map below and the regional divisions on Exploring Upstate were designed using the parameters laid out by the New York Visitors Network.

Regional Map of New York State