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Exploring The Hudson Valley Region

The Hudson Valley Region is home to a great collection of destinations with plenty to experience. Year round there are options for history buffs, foodies, festival goers, and outdoor fanatics.

When Henry Hudson first sailed up this river in the early 17th century, he was actually just looking for a new trade route. Instead, he discovered a native people and fertile banks of the majestic river. Skip ahead to a couple hundred years later, and the region north of New York City along the river named in Hudson’s honor are quite different than during the explorer’s time.

Vibrant cities like Poughkeepsie and Hudson sprang up on the shores of the mighty river. They were home to titans of industry and once bustled with a raging economy. In more recent years, these cities are reinventing themselves with chic boutiques and specialty coffee shops. Places like Beacon are proving themselves as cultural hubs to be experienced. Locally owned, locally produced, and locally enjoyed are themes you’ll find throughout the valley.

There are New York State Parks like Bear Mountain that offer breathtaking views of the river valley, and walkable downtowns accessible with an easy train ride from New York City. Here you’ll find some spillover culture from nearby New York City as city dwellers looking for room to breathe make their way north and settle on the banks the Hudson River.

Whether you’re looking for a quick trip to explore a carefully curated culinary scene, or an extended stay to visit a long list of museums, this region is filled with plenty to keep you busy.

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