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Exploring The Niagara Frontier Region

The Niagara Frontier Region is named for the mighty Niagara River that borders this part of New York. The river flows into Lake Ontario after careening over one of the most famous natural attractions in the nation. This region includes five counties that you’ll often hear referred to as being part of Western New York.

Like much of Upstate New York, you’ll be able to find quiet small towns and also city life, but still plenty of natural landscapes.

The Erie Canal runs through this region, so you’ll recognize a lot of towns with “port” in the name. The most prominent of those is Lockport, which is home to the famous “Flight of Five” canal locks. There’s a strong agricultural community to the east, and historic small towns throughout.

Along the western border of the region, the city of Buffalo is quickly becoming one of the best tourist destinations in the nation. With a rich history and a year-round bustling waterfront scene, the Nickel City has plenty to offer. It’s home to professional sports teams, amazing museums, and cultural festivals which have gained national attention. Buffalo is responsible for the chicken wing and beef on weck sandwiches, but you’ll find plenty of fine dining here too.

Niagara Falls is home the most visited natural attraction in New York State so there’s plenty to experience here. To its north, Lewiston’s quaint Main Street offers up a walkable neighborhood of shops, cafes and culture.

You can ice-bike in Buffalo or gamble at the horse track in Batavia. You can walk under Niagara Falls and after that visit the birthplace of the cocktail in Lewiston. There’s a chicken wing trail and plenty of hiking trails. Above all, you’ll find whatever interests you in the Niagara Frontier Region.

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