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  1. tmy56
    May 17, 2015 @ 4:26 pm

    My in-laws lived in Penfield until just a few years ago so we passed the church building often. It certainly had an interesting history – thanks for shary the story.

  2. velvetdamour
    February 8, 2016 @ 8:39 am

    What a great post! I remember all those things, even working at that Ponderosa you mentioned, back when Perkind Swim Club was behind it, worked there too! Its great looking back esp as I have lived in Paris the past 22 years. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. George Osborne
    March 2, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

    I went to that church as a little boy (must have been in the early 70s). The pastors that were there at the time were Rev. Dayton Reynolds, currently of Sugar Land, Texas and George Osborne of Covenant Life Fellowship in Ontario, NY. I know that some time in that 1977 timeframe, a Christian School was housed in the facility (I think it was called the Advent Christian School) and that the school and part of the church congregation went on to become New Covenant Fellowship and New Covenant Christian School, the latter of which morphed again 10-15 years ago into The Charles Finney School which currently resides in the Denonville building. Either of those pastors would be good resources to use in filling in the gap you mentioned above.

    • Joseph Lopes
      February 3, 2023 @ 3:44 pm

      Hi George Osborne!!

  4. Jon
    September 19, 2022 @ 7:31 pm

    That book there, “History of Advent Christian Church, Penfield, N.Y.”; is it an actual book or just a pamphlet of a few pages? Is it the history of the whole denomination or just that specific church?

    An answer would be appreciated if possible, and thank you for this article!

    • Chris Clemens
      September 19, 2022 @ 7:44 pm

      Hey Jon.

      That more of a pamphlet than a book, or maybe more accurately a “booklet”. That’s not my book, it’s one I was allowed to go through while at the Penfield Historical room inside the Penfield Public Library.

      Funny timing, I haven’t been there in years and I happened to stop in quick tonight!

  5. Beverly Smith Metz
    December 22, 2022 @ 2:17 pm

    I grew up in that church. I imagine much (most?) of the history of the Advent Christian was gathered by Maude Frank who was the town historian. The stained glass windows were donated by various individuals, many of whom were in my family. I’m not an expert, but I would be very surprised if they were Tiffany. Very interesting to find this article

  6. Joseph Lopes
    February 3, 2023 @ 3:43 pm

    My wife were newly married in 1976 when we answered the invitation to move from Massachusetts to join the new move of God in that little church! (We rented an apartment across the street at what is now the Humphrey House Restaurant. )It was a wonderful time of growth and refreshing. I taught 4th grade in the basement of that little church. We had gym classes in our big back yard (now the Humphrey House parking lot).
    I sang on the worship team and played drums. That building was full of the presence of God! It was a glorious time, indeed!!